Top 9 Things Every Girl Needs In Her Wardrobe


The fashion industry is a fast-paced, ever-changing world. There are new trends and styles coming out every day, which makes it hard to know what to buy and how to dress in the morning. That’s why we’ve put together this list of key pieces that should be in every girl’s wardrobe – you’ll never find yourself wondering what to wear again!

1. A versatile dress
This is the one thing every girl needs. A versatile dress that can be worn for a night out, or to work. It should be comfortable and flattering enough that you feel confident wearing it anywhere.

2. A perfect pair of jeans
When it comes to a wardrobe, I always say you can never have too many jeans. A perfect pair is hard to find but when you find them, they are worth their weight in gold. You can dress them up or down and they go with just about everything.

3. A barely there heel
There are so many styles of heels to choose from but the most popular are the barely there variety. These heels look great with just about any outfit. They are also an excellent choice for people who have trouble walking in high heels.

4. The seasons must haves
Now that we know what to wear for each season, let’s take a look at the most important part of a woman’s wardrobe: her must-haves.

5. A sophisticated blazer
A blazer is a total wardrobe essential. It can be worn with almost anything, from jeans to pants to skirts. If you’re still in the market for one, go for something with a little more style – think tailored, not boxy. A sleek black or navy blazer will work well in any situation.

6. The perfect white shirt
White shirts are an essential because they go with everything! You can dress them up or down. They are also easy to find so you can always have one handy.

7. The perfect party dress that can be dressed up or worn down for any occasion
What are your essentials? It’s hard to say. What are your essentials when it comes to clothing? Is it a black dress for when you need to look polished but can also be down with jeans? Is it a cocktail dress that works for all occasions? Regardless of what wardrobe staples you have, there will always be something you could use in your closet. The perfect party dress is the one thing every girl needs in her wardrobe.

8. The basics every girl needs
Basic white t-shirts, black jeans, boyfriend blazers, an oversized cardigan (for the days you don’t feel like wearing anything), and a black dress are all basics that go with anything. They’re not the most exciting pieces to have but they may be worth investing in as they can mix and match with any other clothing you own.

9. An essential item
Every girl needs an essential item or two that are always in style. A black sheath dress, a white blouse, and a pair of black pumps are three great examples.