The Fashion Do’s and Don’ts of Traveling Abroad


Fashion is a big part of the traveling experience. At home, you may know what looks good on you and what goes with your wardrobe. But when you travel abroad, it can be difficult to tell which colors suit you best or where to go for the latest fashion trends. This article will help you dress for success no matter where in the world you are!

How to Dress Appropriately
This is a question we get asked a lot and it is important to remember that while some places are more casual than others, nothing ever beats dressing appropriately for the occasion. Keep in mind that you should always dress more formally on the street and be aware of what your environment dictates.

What to Wear at Different Times of Day
It’s easy to let your fashion sense fly out the door when you’re traveling abroad. But before you step onto the airplane, consider this: What season is it? What time of day is it? Who are you staying with? Where are you going to be spending the majority of your time? If it’s winter, dress for warmth. It’s evening, dress for dinner. You’re staying with parents, wear what they would want to see you in. If it’s summer, don’t forget your sunscreen and cover-up!

Dressing for the Weather
If you are traveling to a cold country, it is important to dress in layers. The thinner the clothing layer, the more warmth it will provide. It is also best to wear clothes made of natural fabrics because they retain heat better than synthetics.

4 Essentials for Your Packing List
Packing is a challenge for everyone, even the most seasoned traveler. But a few well-chosen wardrobe pieces can make a world of difference when you’re strolling through the streets of a foreign city. Here are five must-have items that will help you dress up or down as needed. The 5 Best Ways to Travel with a Carry On. For most people, traveling with a carry-on luggage is a no-brainer. The first thing you need to know is that it’s really important not to overpack. Especially when traveling abroad, it can be tempting to pack all of your favorite outfits in anticipation of every possible scenario. But the truth is, you are often faced with weather and culture barriers which means you’ll need to make adjustments for what’s appropriate depending on where you are.

4 Essentials for Your Packing List
Your destination
Weather conditions
Dress code

What season is it in your destination? For example, if you are traveling to the Middle East during the winter season, you may want to take along sweaters , scarves, gloves and maybe even extra layers of wool. On the other hand, you can wear tropical-themed clothing in South East Asia during summer months.Take a look at the climate and culture norms in your destination country before you pack. There may be certain clothing styles or considerations that are customary in the country you are visiting. If this is your first time visiting a particular country, you can take along basic clothing styles that look good on you and will make you feel like a local. Some basic pieces of clothing such as jeans, skirts and jeans jackets can be worn during any season.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Shopping Abroad
The Do’s:
-Buy small gifts for people; it will show them you care
-Take pictures of the things you buy; it will make your day more special
-Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re shopping in an entirely different world.
-If someone hands you a business card, take one and exchange numbers with them; it is polite way to stay in touch.
The Don’ts:
-Don’t forget to bring back food from all your travels! It will remind you of your adventures and make any bad day better.

According to the blog, being fully prepared and going in with a plan is one of the best ways to have a successful trip. It’s also important to be aware of the culture and customs in order to avoid offending anyone or breaking any rules. Reading literature on your destination is also a great way to learn from others who have been there before, and prepare for what you will encounter along the way.