Step-by-Step Guide: Downloading COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate via Co-WIN, UMANG, and Aarogya Setu

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In the global battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccination has emerged as a critical tool in curbing the spread of the virus and protecting individuals from severe illness. Once individuals receive all the desired doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, the immediate next step is to download the vaccine certificate. This certificate serves as tangible proof of vaccination and may be required for various purposes, including travel and accessing certain facilities. 

Notably, the vaccination process in India involves receiving a provisional certificate after the first dose and a final certificate upon completion of both doses. These certificates can be conveniently obtained through various platforms, including the Co-WIN portal, UMANG app, and Aarogya Setu app. Each platform offers a user-friendly interface to facilitate the download process.

In this article, we provide a comprehensive guide on how to download for the COVID-19 vaccine certificate , including the steps & process, required documents, potential side effects, and the importance of health insurance amidst vaccination efforts.

Steps to download COVID vaccination certificate from Co-WIN website

You can follow the steps given below to download cowin certificate:

  • Visit the Co-WIN portal: Access the official website for COVID-19 vaccination in India,
  • Sign-in/register: Click on the sign-in/register button on the homepage and log in using your registered mobile number.
  • OTP verification: An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number for identity verification. Enter the OTP in the provided field.
  • View vaccination dates: After successful login and verification, you will see the dates of your first and second vaccination doses.
  • Download certificate: Click on the certificate tab link under your name, and then click on the ‘Download’ button to obtain your COVID vaccination certificate in PDF format.

Steps to download COVID vaccination certificate using Aarogya Setu App

Another way to download a copy of the vaccination certificate is using the Aarogya Setu app. Given below are the steps to download the COVID certificate:

  • Download Aarogya Setu App: Download the Aarogya Setu app from the Google Play Store and install it on your device.
  • Login/Register: Login or register using your mobile number and OTP.
  • Access Co-WIN tab: Click on the ‘Co-WIN’ tab or icon located at the top right corner of the screen. A menu will appear on the next page.
  • Request vaccine certificate: Select the ‘Vaccine Certificate’ option and enter your 13-digit beneficiary ID.
  • Download certificate: Click on the ‘Get Certificate’ link to download your COVID vaccination certificate onto your device.

Steps to download COVID vaccination certificate using UMANG App

You can also download the vaccination certificate using the UMANG app. Given below are the steps:

  • Download UMANG App: Download the UMANG app from the Google Play Store on your device.
  • Access ‘What’s New’ section: Open the app and navigate to the ‘What’s New’ section.
  • Select Co-WIN: Under the ‘What’s New’ section, locate and select the Co-WIN tab.
  • Request certificate: Tap on the ‘Download Cowin Certificate‘ option and enter your mobile number.
  • OTP verification: Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number and confirm beneficiary details.
  • Download certificate: Once verified, download your COVID vaccination certificate for record-keeping and verification purposes.

Downloading the COVID vaccination certificate is a crucial step in the vaccination journey. It provides individuals with tangible proof of vaccination, which may be required for various purposes in the future. By following the simple steps outlined above, individuals can easily obtain their vaccination certificates through the Co-WIN portal, UMANG app, or Aarogya Setu app, ensuring compliance with vaccination protocols and facilitating seamless access to essential services.