Happy Oneness Year 2024!

Rajan Luthra, the visionary creator of the extraordinary film “Mahayogi Highway 1 to Oneness,” extends heartfelt Oneness wishes for the year 2024.

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Oneness radiates as the heartbeat of a joyous society, its radiance amplified in the vibrant tapestry of India, a land rich in diverse cultures and faiths. Mahayogi’s vision unfolds not only as a local venture but as a worldwide celebration emanating from the soul of India.


Harmony in Families: Oneness becomes a balm for fractured families, healing conflicts over possessions and wealth. Mahayogi envisions a familial reunion, nurturing, understanding, and solidarity among siblings. Thus laying the groundwork for a foundation of love and support.


Friendship and Truth: In a world grappling with diminishing trust, Mahayogi champions the revival of authentic friendships and truthfulness. His message echoes the call for genuine connections, mending society’s fabric torn by deceit and insincerity.


Neighbourly Unity: Mahayogi addresses the fading camaraderie among neighbours, inspiring selflessness and a sense of community. His vision paints a picture of a world where neighbours extend helping hands, diminishing selfish inclinations.


Harmony in Politics: Mahayogi’s revolutionary plan extends to the political realm, challenging the status quo with solutions to dissolve political disputes. His vision serves as a beacon for a united nation, transcending divisive political ideologies. The only way to bring back old, ancient India is if we all become one and believe in profound principles of peace, love, and oneness to build the strong foundation of the country to serve the whole world.


Interfaith Harmony: Beyond borders, Mahayogi seeks to resolve religious conflicts, emphasising the universality of spiritual awakening. He dreams of a world where diverse faiths coexist harmoniously, guided by the principles of oneness. Trust, respect, and love everyone’s religion, and live happily together as one in harmony. This is the only way we can bring out the true culture of India.


Inner Awakening with Mahayogi: As a catalyst for inner awakening, Mahayogi plays a pivotal role in elevating human consciousness. His teachings offer a transformative journey, shifting focus from material pursuits to a deeper understanding of self, the interconnectedness of all beings, and the deeply held meaning of oneness.



Transition to a Golden Age: Mahayogi’s narrative unfolds a profound transition from Kalyuga to Satyuga, symbolising a shift towards a golden age characterised by truth and virtue. The second part of the narrative promises insights into the idyllic state of Satyuga, where everyone will feel God’s presence within. Mahayogi, this spiritual revolutionary project will open the door to Satyuga.




Guidance for Humanity: Mahayogi emerges as a source of enlightenment, providing answers to existential questions that plague humanity. His wisdom spans the past, present, and future, offering guidance for individuals seeking clarity on their journey. Mahayogi has deeply gone into his meditation to reveal all the reasons for all the genocides that have happened in the world. He burned all the evil spirits from this universe to end Kalyuga so that oneness can take place in every individual soul on this earth.



Ayodhya City of Oneness: Mahayogi envisions Ayodhya, Lord Ram’s sacred land, as a City of Oneness, where unity extends to every corner of the world. It transcends borders, making us feel the entire world is one Vasudevaya Kutumbakam, not limited to just India. Mahayogi aims to elevate individual consciousness to eliminate religious conflicts, fostering collective unity. His mission is to see Temples, Mosques, Gurudwara, Churches, Jewish temples, Buddha temples, and many more religious places in the City of Oneness.


Rajan Luthra believes Mahayogi resides within every soul, everywhere, guiding the journey from consciousness to pure consciousness for the realisation of true oneness. The spiritual paradigm starts happening in 2024.


We all need to accept the change to create a beautiful world on this earth. LOKAH SAMSTHA SUKHINO BHAVANTU


In conclusion, Mahayogi’s vision for Oneness transcends borders, offering a transformative narrative that heals societal fractures and propels humanity towards a more enlightened and unified future filled with joy and celebration. Unification of all neighbouring countries like Pakistan,Bangladesh,Sri Lanka, Nepal,  and many other countries. If European countries can become together as one, why not we all become together as one and sign a contract of oneness? No more war, no more hatred,no more discrimination,no more religious conflicts. We all want to live together as one.


This profound message and transformative path have been beautifully depicted through the inspiring initiative of the movie “Mahayogi Highway 1 to Oneness” by Rajan Luthra. Rajan Luthra believes that meaningful change can come by following the path of oneness, as portrayed in this cinematic masterpiece. The film serves as a testament to the power of unity and the possibility of a harmonious world when individuals collectively embrace the principles outlined by Mahayogi.


This incredible film is slated for release in Indian theatres on March 8, 2024, and will be presented in several languages, including English, Hindi, and various regional languages. We are looking for everyone’s support, love, and blessings to realise this beautiful vision.

of Oneness in India, and His true wish is that India will take this vision to every corner of this earth and help and rebuild poor countries around the world with peace, love, and Oneness.


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