Orgatma Organic Science Private Limited Aims to Revolutionize Indian Retail with Natural and Chemical-Free Products

Agency News

Mumbai, India – June 21, 2024 – Orgatma Organic Science Private Limited, a leading player in the FMCG sector, specializing in cold-pressed oils and natural food products, is on a mission to become India’s largest chain of retail stores focused on natural, chemical-free, and zero-preservative goods. With an ambitious plan to open franchise outlets in every district across India, Orgatma is set to bring high-quality, health-focused products to new markets nationwide.


Company Vision and Goals


Orgatma aims to establish a strong presence with short-term goals of expanding its retail footprint and long-term aspirations of being the go-to brand for health-conscious consumers. The company currently operates 10 retail outlets and has over 300 dealers, leveraging its in-house manufacturing capabilities to ensure product quality and availability.


Unique Selling Points


Orgatma’s diverse product line includes over 40 natural and chemical-free items such as jaggery, turmeric, and rock salt, alongside its flagship cold-pressed oils. The company prides itself on providing home delivery services across India, making it easier for consumers to access its high-quality products.


Target Audience


The brand targets health-focused families and the general masses, aiming to educate consumers about the health risks associated with refined oils and the benefits of switching to cold-pressed alternatives.


Corporate Social Responsibility


Demonstrating a strong commitment to social responsibility, Orgatma donates Rs 10 per liter and Rs 50 per liter to Tata Memorial Hospital, supporting cancer treatment and research for underprivileged patients. Additionally, the company has launched a ready-to-eat, zero-preservative quick meals category to further promote healthy eating habits.


Key Messages


Orgatma highlights the dangers of hot-pressed refined oils, which undergo heavy chemical processing that depletes their nutritional value. The company advocates for a healthier lifestyle by encouraging consumers to replace refined oils, sugar, and iodized salts with cold-pressed oils, jaggery, KhandSari sugar, and rock salt.


Employment and Growth Opportunities


Orgatma offers self-employment opportunities through its dealership and franchise model, enabling individuals with limited capital to enter the lucrative Rs 800 crore cold-pressed oils market. This initiative not only supports entrepreneurship but also contributes to the brand’s growth and stability.


Expansion and Export


With a presence in five countries and a robust network across India, Orgatma is poised for significant growth. The company recently opened a new store at Airoli Station in Mumbai under the Ministry of Railways’ One Product, One Station scheme, further expanding its reach.


Industry Trends


As consumers increasingly shift towards cold-pressed oils, influenced by health advocates and movements like Label Padhega India, Orgatma is at the forefront of this growing trend. The company’s emphasis on quality and health aligns perfectly with current market demands.


Call to Action


Orgatma urges consumers to stop using refined oils, sugar, and iodized salts, and instead, incorporate cold-pressed oils, jaggery, KhandSari sugar, and rock salt into their daily diets for better health outcomes.


Success Stories


The company boasts numerous success stories, including its steady export growth and expanding retail network, reinforcing its position as a trusted brand in the health and wellness space.