Makoons Play School Begusarai Celebrates a Year of Exceptional Early Childhood Education

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Makoons Play School in Begusarai, Bihar, proudly marks its first anniversary, establishing itself as a beacon of early learning and development in the region. As the school celebrates a year filled with joy, learning, and growth, it stands testament to the unwavering commitment and hard work of its educators and staff in providing a nurturing environment for the young minds entrusted to their care.


Vijay Kumar Agarwal, the visionary Founder & CEO of the Makoons Group of Schools, shares his elation over the milestone, “Celebrating one year in Begusarai fills us with immense pride and joy. Our children’s enthusiasm and progress reaffirm our mission to lay down a strong educational foundation for the leaders of tomorrow. I extend my heartiest congratulations to the Begusarai team for embodying the Makoons ethos and setting a benchmark in preschool education.”


Under the expert leadership of Mr. Rakesh Roshan, Director of the Begusarai branch, Makoons Play School has transformed into a sanctuary of creativity, exploration, and learning. Roshan’s dedication to excellence in early childhood education is evident in his words, “This anniversary is a reflection of the passion, dedication, and love our team invests in nurturing these young minds every day. The joy and trust we see in our children and their parents motivate us to keep innovating and delivering the best preschool experience.”


Makoons Play School Begusarai is distinguished by its unique blend of traditional and contemporary educational practices, ensuring a holistic approach to child development. The school boasts state-of-the-art facilities and a team of passionate educators committed to creating a stimulating and secure environment for children to learn and grow.


As it steps into its second year, Makoons Play School in Begusarai renews its pledge to maintain the highest standards of excellence in preschool education. The school’s success is not only a testament to its quality education but also to the trust and support of the parents and the local community. Makoons continues to be a place where education is not just about learning but a joyful and enriching journey for each child.


For parents in Begusarai looking for an exceptional preschool experience for their children, Makoons Play School offers an unparalleled blend of nurturing care, innovative learning methods, and a commitment to fostering the overall development of young learners. As the school moves forward, it remains dedicated to shaping the bright futures of its students, ensuring they are well-prepared for the educational journey ahead.


Makoons Play School, part of the prestigious Makoons Group of Schools, is a name synonymous with quality early childhood education. Located in the heart of Begusarai, Bihar, the school is an ideal choice for parents seeking a solid foundation for their children’s educational journey.


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