factoHR’s Odyssey: First Bootstrapped HRTech Company to Cross 2.6 Million Users  

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Launched in 2016, factoHR – the mobile-first hire to retire HR platform, has achieved a significant milestone by reaching a remarkable user base of 2.6 million in just 7 years through bootstrapping. This incredible growth can be attributed to factoHR’s highly configurable DIY interface and value-for-money approach. This has earned trust and support of small and medium enterprises from various industries including manufacturing, healthcare, BFSI, ITes and many others worldwide. This noteworthy accomplishment underscores factoHR’s dedication to revolutionizing the way businesses manage their workforce and streamline their HR operations.


factoHR, a cutting-edge HRTech platform, stands out by providing innovative, comprehensive, and scalable solutions encompassing recruitment, employee data management, attendance and leave management, payroll processing, performance management, employee time tracking, and more. Through its revolutionary mobile application factoHR has transformed employee attendance management which includes cutting-edge features such as geofencing, touchless attendance, insightful dashboards, facial recognition for punch verification, an AI-driven chatbot, employee mood surveys, and numerous other functionalities.


“We are excited to announce this significant milestone.” states Aniruddh Nagodara, CEO and co-founder of factoHR. He continues, “This milestone signifies more than just a numerical figure; it is a testament to the collective hard work and relentless commitment of the entire factoHR team and the support we receive from our valuable clients. We are resolute in our mission to deliver unparalleled HR solutions and will continue to push the boundaries of our platforms potential.”


A Valuable Lesson for Aspiring Startups

By relying on internal resources and organic growth, factoHR established itself as a prominent player in the workforce management sector. Through strategic partnerships with SAP and Microsoft Azure, prudent decision-making, and a focus on sustainable growth, factoHR has been able to fund its operations and expand without external funding. This approach allowed factoHR to maintain full control over its direction and vision, fostering a culture of innovation and self-reliance.


factoHR’s bootstrapping journey serves as an inspiring blueprint for other startups. It illustrates that, with the right strategy and execution, substantial growth and impact can be achieved even without infusion of external capital. factoHR has been able to overcome the typical challenges faced by any bootstrapped company by remaining laser-focused on customer needs, fostering a culture of continuous innovation, and efficiently managing its resources.


About factoHR:

factoHR is a cloud-based, mobile platform that provides easy solutions to automate all HR operational activities.  It is trusted by 3500+ companies and 2.6 million employees globally, including global customers like Wipro, Bajaj Auto, Siemens, Mercedes Benz, Ti Cycle, BSE, NRRS etc. This platform offers various features to ease out HR activities like the ESS portal, payroll, attendance, leave, performance, expense and many more. It has a registered office in Mumbai, a development center in Gujarat and branches in all major metro cities.


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