Back To The Basics – Why SMS is the  primary and powerful tool of Marketing

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Maybe you are an already established business searching for an economical way to promote your brand and connect with your customers; maybe you are the next startup business searching for a promotional tool to go global; or maybe you work in a hospital, and you are asked by your Senior to get bulk SMS so that you can send out patient reports in message format. Either way, you go on Google and type out bulk SMS like any other person would in 2023.

One click, and your computer screen is filled with several options: different websites, different prices, and different offers. You call 4 or 5 different companies to inquire about the prices and offers, and you get a wide range of answers, from expensive SMS that go from 30.5 per SMS to cheap options like 1 to 5 paisa per SMS.

You might not go for the most expensive option and that is alright but like any rational and logical person, you might go for the most economical option, which is 1 to 5 paisa per SMS, or maybe you go a little bit further in the middle but in a cheaper range.

Before you can celebrate the victory of managing to get a good deal on Bulk SMS, a few things disclose themselves in quick succession, like DLT registration, bugs and crashes, cutting, irregular service issues, low engagement, revenue falls, and most painful of all, complaints and bad reviews from your own customers.

No worries; we’ve got you covered!

DLT registration refers to the process of registering mobile phone numbers on a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform as mandated by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). To combat the issue of unsolicited commercial communication (spam messages and calls), TRAI implemented new regulations in 2018, requiring businesses and organizations to register their telemarketers and their consented customer database on a DLT platform. The objective is to ensure that only authorized entities can send commercial communications to mobile phone users. Under these regulations, businesses need to register their sender IDs, headers, and content templates on the DLT platform, which acts as a centralized registry.

About Bugs and crashes, as the pricing of SMS falls, the service gets compromised. You might suffer issues like SMS delays, website lagging, no proper answers when you call back for support, fake or vague reports, data leaks, etc.

About cutting, it’s an illegal process. Some resellers and local SMS providers engage in this activity, where they push your messages to only 60 to 70 Percent of audience and provide fake delivery reports. This results in reduced engagement, resentful customers and ultimately revenue fall.

And all of this results in a decline in profits. The people who trusted your brand, invested in your business idea, and believed in you enough to purchase your services find themselves able to connect with you.

This ‘good’ deal results not only in revenue loss but also breaks the precious trust that you work so hard to establish between you and your customers, or you and your employees, or whomever you are sending the message to.


So, what is the solution to this?

The best solution for this is self-awareness and proactiveness. You should request online SMS demo and even a testing account so you can be assured of the service before moving forward. If you are purchasing bulk SMS, then you should ask all the above-mentioned questions and queries before moving forward with the purchase.

At SMSGATEWAYHUB, we not only provide you with online demos, free DLT support, and a demo testing account, but also 24-hour support and Sunday support as well. We are also ISO 9001-2013 & 27001 certified Company which means you can be assured that your data is well protected. We believe in providing you with digital solutions that help you stay in touch with your customers and Boost Your Business to a global level.

SMSGATEWAYHUB is one of our faithful clients since 2013. It was an established firm in the industry of Bulk SMS service providers when it joined hands with us.

The platform assists in sending marketing, promotional, Transactional, and SMS alerts to a large number of people in an instant.

A hindrance in the path of the company’s success was its legacy website and the technical issues it faced in the absence of an app and the latest technology.

Our client required the SMS provider to be smart and AI-powered to fulfill the needs of its growing users that included customers like

IRCTC, ICICI BANK, HDFC LTD, IIT Bombay. SMS GATEWAY HUB collaborated with us to achieve its aim to make the SMS industry simple and cost-effective.

To meet our client’s expectations, we undertook the task of creating an application with AI capabilities, that could manage the bulk of SMS and ever-increasing user base and also the task of providing a fresh look for the website to complement its modern features.

For More Information about SMSGATEWAYHUB and its range of Telecom Services Please visit the company Official Website : or call : 1800 102 1822

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