‘Fire of love Red’ – a scary thriller by Rajeev Chaudhari

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Film maker Rajeev Chaudhari’s ‘Fire of Love RED’ Is hot like fire!!!

The normal practice of producers in film trade is not to show their film to anybody till the release date is not around but producer Rajeev Chaudhari ( ‘Beiimaan Love’- Sunny Leone starrer fame) has just the opposite attitude! Rajeev kept a couple of trial shows of his film ‘Fire of love Red’ when the release date is still not locked! When we asked Rajeev, he very confidently replied “If you are confidant of your product you should not hesitate in showing it to your friends in trade and with this film ‘Fire of love Red’, I am damn confident that it will click” 

A private screening of Avanti Prajakta Arts ‘Fire of Love RED’, was held recently and Veteran film makers Rahul Rawail and Pankaj Parashar loved the film and in their praises termed ‘Fire of Love Red’ as a brilliant and gripping ‘James Hadley ..’ kind of thriller and even others who saw the film were full of praises for the film !

Film producers Rajeev Chaudhari along with his partners Jagannath Waghmare and Rekha Surendra Jagtap asserted “We would like to take a moment to humbly appreciate ourselves for our belief in this project and for taking on this challenge of making and completing this film ‘Fireoflovered’against all odds ! We will not hesitate in shouting out loud with all the modesty and humility about how we’ve made ‘Fire of Love RED’ so brilliantly superb!

Film-maker and producer Rajeev Chaudhari added further ‘ I am proud of making ‘Fire of love Red’ today as our entire toilsome, selfless journey of investing extraordinary hard work with our sweat, blood, creativity, time, energy and our own finances as dedicated producers have brought us with well-deserving victory and glory! Thank you, GOD for helping us in making this film to everybody’s satisfaction…Thanks to Ashok Tyagi for convincing me to listen to his script and for persuading me to invite him (Ashok Tyagi) to  Mumbai from Noida where Ashok Tyagi had settled down!

Our film ‘Fire of Love RED’ is a sure-shot winner… everybody was glued to the film in the trial show and the reactions, full of adulations with great applauses, were unanimous.

It is clearly visible that ‘FireofLoveRED’ is going to be loved by all over!!

Krushna Abhishek is not the usual comedian dancing and laughing type of hero in the film but he is a serious angry young man in ‘Fire of Love REd’ being written and directed by Ashok Tyagi!

Payal Ghosh is opposite her and Along with them is Kanchan Bhor, Abhijeet Shwetchandra, Bharat Dhabolkar, Kamlesh Sawant Mukesh Tyagi, Amol Bawdankar, Shantanu Bhamare and many more…!

‘Fire of love REd’ ‘s music and trailers are out on Zee music channel and is in the process of being cleared with a UA censor certificate for release in 2023!

Rajeev Chaudhari is planning to release it in Sept. along with Avantika Patil and Avantika AP Arts!